Poker Flops and Wins with Friends

For a birthday party that I attended, the theme was Casino Nights. Basically, the whole party was Vegas themed with food, drinks, and games to play. It sounded cheesy, but it was actually a lot of fun. I had my first experience playing Texas Holdem poker. I had never even played poker before, so everything about this was a new experience. I was excited to learn!

At the party, the betting wager was nothing. This wasn’t a real casino experience, but you got tokens and when you left the party you can cash out for door prizes. I had 10 tokens and when asked to play poker, I only wagered one of them. I got walked though the experience by my best friend. He had played a few times and was the best poker player in our friend group.

He told me “After the cards are dealt, you make sure no one sees your 2 cards.” I got my 2 cards and glanced at them. I wasn’t really sure what to do next so I looked over at my friend and he nodded. The dealer laid down 5 more cards and we all played from them. I was really confused on what was going on, but I followed everyone’s lead. Some were taking cards and some were skipping out on the cards. I leaned over and ask “What should I be doing?” My friend told me “Trying to get the best hand out of everyone.”

Did I have the best hand? Absolutely not. With four cards, I ended up with three 2’s and a 4 of spades. I showed my friend as soon as I skipped the cards and he started laughing and told me “Should have gotten another card!” I flopped, but it was really fun to play. The next game, my friend sat out and helped me with the game and then I won! I got 30 tokens and cashed them out for a Snickers bar. It wasn’t much, but I enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun!