Poker Flops and Wins with Friends

For a birthday party that I attended, the theme was Casino Nights. Basically, the whole party was Vegas themed with food, drinks, and games to play. It sounded cheesy, but it was actually a lot of fun. I had my first experience playing Texas Holdem poker. I had never even played poker before, so everything about this was a new experience. I was excited to learn!

At the party, the betting wager was nothing. This wasn’t a real casino experience, but you got tokens and when you left the party you can cash out for door prizes. I had 10 tokens and when asked to play poker, I only wagered one of them. I got walked though the experience by my best friend. He had played a few times and was the best poker player in our friend group. Continue reading “Poker Flops and Wins with Friends”

A Mountain out of a Mole

My friend Cher is a total perfectionist. She has to always have everything in her life as perfect as possible. She has always taken pride in her appearance. She worked very hard to stay in shape and to have a fit, beautiful body. She had the body of an Amazon. Despite her physical attributes, she was not perfect. There was always one flaw that disturbed her. Cher had a mole on near the top side of her mouth. I always thought it was unique. Cher always hated. She wanted an aesthetic Singapore doctor to help her remove it. Her wedding day was quickly approaching and she wanted to look her best in her pictures.

Cher has always been self-conscious about her mole. Some of the kids in school used to make fun of her. She sometimes would endure cruel taunts from her classmates. She felt like an outcast. In an effort to boost her confidence. Cher started to work out. Continue reading “A Mountain out of a Mole”

My Sister Designed His Tombstone

When my sister’s fiance died, she was heartbroken. We all were, but naturally she took it the hardest. She actually fell into a depression from it, and it was hard to see her going through such pain on a daily basis. I knew there was no way to bring him back, but I had to do my best to bring her back. A friend of mine suggested that I take my sister to look at monuments in Morris County NJ. To be honest, I thought that it was a bad idea. I wanted to make her smile, and I did not think doing something that would remind her that he is no longer here was good for that.

My friend is a psychologist though, and she knows my sister quite well. She told me that this would start the healing process, so I decided to go for it. I contacted the monument company first and explained that her fiance had died several months earlier, but she had not yet picked out a tombstone for him. They explained the entire process to me, and I talked her into looking at the website with me.

I was actually surprised that she was excited to do this. It gave her some type of peace to be able to pick out the perfect tombstone for him. I thought it would have the opposite effect, so I as glad to see her excited about it. He was a musician who could play many different types of instruments, but playing the guitar was his favorite. She designed his tombstone around that theme. It had a guitar, music notes, and the cross on it because she knew without a doubt he was in Heaven. That really was therapeutic for her, and it was the day she started coming back to us too!