A Mountain out of a Mole

My friend Cher is a total perfectionist. She has to always have everything in her life as perfect as possible. She has always taken pride in her appearance. She worked very hard to stay in shape and to have a fit, beautiful body. She had the body of an Amazon. Despite her physical attributes, she was not perfect. There was always one flaw that disturbed her. Cher had a mole on near the top side of her mouth. I always thought it was unique. Cher always hated. She wanted an aesthetic Singapore doctor to help her remove it. Her wedding day was quickly approaching and she wanted to look her best in her pictures.

Cher has always been self-conscious about her mole. Some of the kids in school used to make fun of her. She sometimes would endure cruel taunts from her classmates. She felt like an outcast. In an effort to boost her confidence. Cher started to work out. Continue reading “A Mountain out of a Mole”